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It is estimated there are roughly 80 million dog owners in the United States. America truly believes dogs are a friend's best friend, making the country one of the top homes for dogs in the world. Although dogs can bring so many joys to families, there can also be a downside to owning dogs as well.

The dog owner can be liable for the victim's injuries if their dog attacks another person or animal. Although the facts of a dog attack may seem simple, legal liability for the injuries that result from a dog bite is often complex and involves a careful review and application of local and state laws and ordinances.

Injuries from dog bites, and children are by far the most at risk, can be devastating both physically and emotionally for the victim. Although homeowners or renters insurance may provide coverage for the incident, often times dog owners are reluctant to voluntarily surrender the necessary policy information.

Although we can all protect ourselves from bog bites to some degree by being careful around dogs we don't know or aren't familiar with, it is usually up to the dog owner to ensure the safety of those who come into contact with their dog.

A few tips dog owners can do in order to reduce the risk of attack include:

Neuter your dog. Neutered dogs are 3 times less likely to attack.
Train your dog. Trained dogs give more respect to their owner decreasing the chance of attack on another individual or animal.
Restrain your dog. When going for a walk or in the public eye, have your dog on a leash. Walking your dog also helps them feel less stressed.
Supervise your dog. When the dog is playing around children, people, or animals always supervise your dog.
Unchain your dog. Allow them to play outside under your supervision or build a large fence around your back yard. Chained dogs are almost 3 times more likely to attack.
Socialize your dog. Even at 8 weeks, socializing your dog helps them become comfortable around people, especially children and other dogs.

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