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Property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition and free of any potential hazards. If a land owner is maintaining their premises properly, your safety should never be called into question. In a perfect world, we probably would not need warnings of potential dangers on a property owner's premises and the owners would generally do everything within their power to make sure their property is up to date on all repairs. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and accidents causing serious injury or wrongful death can happen due to property owner negligence.

Slip and Fall Accidents

The most common premises liability claims involve slip and fall accidents. These types of accidents can lead to significant injuries that are very severe and sometimes even permanent. It is widespread belief that the property owner is automatically liable if an injury that could have been prevented occurs on their property. Accidents caused by slippery substances on floors or icy conditions in the parking lot may seem like simple claims. However, these claims often involve very complex legal issues and it has become increasingly difficult to recover reasonable damages in these types of claims.

Mark Weaver has the knowledge and the resources to help make your case against a negligent property owner. If you have sustained an injury from slipping and falling on poorly maintained property, you may be able to pursue compensation for damages related to your injuries, pain, suffering, and lost earning potential.

Defective Condition / Falling Merchandise

Other frequent causes of premises accidents include the failure to remedy a defective condition on the property, such as a pothole, or defective steps or doors, and incidents of falling merchandise from overhead storage at big box stores. Timely securing video surveillance from the property owner may be crucial to proving your case.

It takes more than just being injured on someone else's property to prove that person or property owner is liable for your injuries. There are a variety of factors that can limit your eligibility to pursue a premises liability claim, such as: your reason for being on the property, the timeliness of your claim, and your ability to demonstrate the property owner's negligence.

If you or a loved one has suffered a premises liability injury and believe that the property owner may be liable for your accident, contact Mark Weaver for a free case evaluation. Attorney Mark Weaver is of counsel to Holder Susan Slusher, LLC.


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