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For victims of car accidents, motorcycle and pickup truck crashes, farm tractor and other farm equipment and other motor vehicle accidents who have suffered serious personal injury, Mark Weaver offers free and informative case evaluations.

After a serious car accident, and at a time when all thoughts are on recovering from injuries or providing comfort and assistance to a loved one, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney to investigate, preserve evidence, communicate with insurance and health care representatives may be critical to any recovery for harms and losses resulting from the accident.

There are countless causes of motor vehicle accidents, and determining and proving the cause of your accident may be critical to a full recovery. Some of the causes include: inattention, careless or reckless driving, speeding, failure to stop, running a red light or stop sign, drag racing, tailgating, texting while driving, impaired driving and crossing the center line. Additional causes may include a defective vehicle, defective roadway, loose livestock, or poorly marked roadway construction.

Mark Weaver has the knowledge and experience to assist you or a loved one in correctly navigating the various car and health insurance policies, billing agencies, insurance company adjusters, and defense lawyers so that all of your harms and losses may be recovered, to include the following:

Medical expenses
Pain and suffering
Lost wages
Punitive damages
Reduced earning capacity
Other long-term physical and emotional consequences

If you have been injured as a driver, vehicle passenger, or pedestrian in a car accident or a roadway collision involving a tractor-trailer, motorcycle, or farm equipment, please contact Mark Weaver for a prompt review and clear picture of your options for pursuing damages. Attorney Mark Weaver is of counsel to Holder Susan Slusher, LLC. See for more information regarding your personal injury claim.

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