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Missouri Assault & Domestic Violence

Experienced Missouri Attorneys for Serious Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with a violent crime, whether that be an assault or domestic violence, you need to protect yourself with experienced and professional legal representation. The consequences of a conviction for even a minor violent criminal charge, getting in a bar fight on a Friday night or a heated argument with a live-in girlfriend, can lead to serious consequences that include jail and a permanent criminal record.

Assault & Domestic Violence FAQ

At the Columbia, Missouri, office of Holder Susan Slusher, LLC, we provide the kind of strong and aggressive defense that these cases demand. Our proven trial attorneys have built decade long careers supporting and fully pursuing a wide range of criminal defenses, and we have the resources and ability to help you.

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I highly recommend and endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Mr. Holder on numerous legal matters, and I have determined he has excellent legal skills, experience and zealously represents his clients.
- H. Cook

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A Battle of Facts - Building Your Case

Criminal defense is often less about making a clever argument in a courtroom, and more about doing the necessary investigation to determine facts that may help to stop the case from ever getting to court. Every case is unique, and where we might be able to avoid having charges ever filed for one client, with the next we may have to go in front of a judge.

In either case, our lawyers have the commitment and tools to take your case as far as needed.

We are experienced attorneys capable of defending you against charges related to:
Domestic violence Spousal abuse
Assault Battery
Fighting Vehicular assault
Weapons related assault

Often the consequences of an assault conviction can extend beyond the criminal justice system. Particularly if you have to deal with an order of protection or restraining order, you could be prevented from seeing your spouse, your family and even your own home. Work with legal counsel that takes your case as seriously as you do.

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To put our experience and our proven record to work for your case, contact us online or reach us directly at 573-499-1700 to schedule a free consultation and case review with our attorneys.

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