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Excellent legal skills

I highly recommend and endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Mr. Holder on numerous legal matters, and I have determined he has excellent legal skills, experience and zealously represents his clients.

- H. Cook

Well-respected in the legal community

I endorse Michael. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.

- M.W.

Great Lawyers!!

As a busineess owner in the Community, I depend upon the excellent legal capabilities of Holder, Susan, Slusher & Oxenhandler.

- Al

Columbia, MO

Wouldn’t have made it through without them!

I was charged with my first DWI and saw all the things I worked hard to gain professionally begin to crumble. I contacted Mr. Susan out of desperation, on the word of a good friend. Mr. Susan was nothing less than a lifesaver. He instantly began encouraging me and assisting me through the twists and turns of the criminal court system and the Department of Revenue. I doubt I would have received as favorable a ruling as I did from the judge, had I not had an advocate like Mr. Susan. I would recommend him to anyone!

Jefferson City, MO

Exceeded the results I hoped for

Mr. Susan was able to negotiate a settlement to my charges that was not only fair, but exceeded the results I had hoped for. Mr. Susan and his staff made additional efforts with the Prosecutor to arrive at the best possible outcome on my behalf. The staff at HSSO were available throughout the process and kept me well informed. I would recommend HSSO and Mr. Susan to anyone in need of representation.

Columbia, MO

Extremely Pleased!

I used Bogdan Susan for my DWI case and I was extremely pleased with the results! He is very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all of my questions and walked me through all aspects of my case. He is highly skilled and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! I am so pleased with the outcome of my case as Mr. Susan was able to get my charges dismissed!

Columbia, MO

Outstanding communication and very prompy!

I have been very satisfied with Bogdan and Jaymee. The communication is outstanding and very prompt. Bogdan's attention to detail, knowledge of the legal system and court room demeanor made me feel very confident in his representation of my case. Although I know it is not true, Bogdan and Jaymee made me feel like I was their only client.

Columbia, MO

Can’t thank you enough, Bogdan!

I highly recommend Bogdan Susan for your DWI attorney needs. He kept me well informed through out the process and fought my case, getting it dismissed! I can't thank him enough! Bogdan was very professional and compassionate, along with being patient and making sure I understood and was notified every step of the way! Can't thank you enough, Bogdan!

- Carla K.

Columbia, MO

I couldn’t be more satisfied

When I received my DWI, I was devastated. I was embarrassed and ashamed, but also confused and worried about my future. I spoke with Bogdan Susan about my case and he immediately put me at ease with his knowledge and professionalism with my situation. I never thought that hiring a lawyer would help my case at all and reasoned it wasn't worth the extra money. Thankfully I went forward with Bogdan and he took care of the rest. What followed was nothing short of surprising as Bogdan successfully worked with the Prosecuting Attorney to amend my DWI charge to a carless and imprudent driving charge that carried less stigma on my record. I couldn't be more satisfied with the results while still learning a very important less-don't drink and drive!

Columbia, MO

An Amazing Job!

Mr. Susan did an amazing job handling my case and extending a helping hand to my knowledge and understanding of the actions that took place and also the following ones to come. The actions and outcome that took place were beyond my standards. I couldn't be more pleased with Holder Susan Slusher Oxenhandler, LLC

- Anonymous

Columbia, MO
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