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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians in crosswalks, trails, sidewalks, shoulders and walking along the sides of roadways in Missouri are often overlooked by the drivers of cars and other vehicles. Unfortunately, when drivers are not paying attention or are otherwise driving carelessly, it can result in an accident involving serious injuries. Since pedestrians typically do not have any protection, these injuries can often be catastrophic. The worst of these accidents can be tragic.

At the law firm of Holder Susan Slusher, LLC, we understand the devastation that these accidents can cause for individuals and their families.

In all cases, our experienced Columbia accident trial lawyers work to help clients reach their goals so they can move forward. Whether we negotiate or litigate to seek the full and proper compensation your family needs, we do so with an absolute commitment to your case and a respect for your personal and financial needs.

Dedicated Columbia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

The primary cause of pedestrian accidents in Columbia and throughout the state of Missouri is driver negligence. This negligence can be the result of distractions, such as cell phones, that take attention off of the road.

Drivers may also:
Fail to stop at crosswalks
Disobey traffic lights and stop signs
Fail to look before making right turns
Cross over into shoulders or walking paths
Fail to yield right of way to pedestrians

These drivers, and their insurance companies, need to be held accountable by compensating accident victims for their medical bills, lost wages and other related expenses. Our attorneys will take the time to speak with you, understand what happened and help you make the right choices for your personal injury claim.

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