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Bogdan Susan is a founder and partner with Holder Susan Slusher Law Firm in Columbia, Missouri. He has made mid-Missouri his home since graduating from Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Missouri in 1984 to attend the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Bogdan Susan is committed to the idea that clients accused of committing crimes not only deserve the best defense possible, but that our freedoms depend on it.  He strongly believes that good people make mistakes and that those mistakes should not define a person’s life or prevent them from accomplishing their future goals. Every DWI client’s case will be vigorously defended, but he also takes the time to listen to his clients and help them get the help and support they need. YOU NEED AN EXPERIENCED ATTORNEY.

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DWI’s are complicated cases. You can beat the criminal case but still lose your license.  Bogdan understands how to win Administrative Hearings and Refusal cases. He knows the science behind breath and blood tests so that he can challenge the results.
Currently, there is an abundance of advertising for those needing representation on criminal and DWI cases.  Attorneys whose primary practice areas are not in DWI cases can appear to have the expertise necessary by spending money with web developers to place themselves on top of google searches.   Some attorneys will read the arrest logs and send letters to your home offering their help.  It takes years of experience to really understand how to handle a DWI case.  Bogdan personally handles all of his cases and will communicate with you directly on each and every part of your case.
Bogdan received a High Rating in both Ability and Excellence from his peers:


Highly Recommended. I received a "Minor in Possession" and a "No headlights on after darkness" charge. I immediately contacted my friend that has been through a similar situation, and he recommended that I talk to Mr. Susan because he has been very successful with these types of cases. He takes pride in caring about our students/upcoming youth and their futures because he feels as if everyone should have a second chance. We signed up immediately after the consultation with Mr. Susan because we knew he would be a great fit. He was very personable, trustworthy, and professional in tackling this case. Communicating with Mr. Susan and his assistant Mrs. Grimes was very thorough, efficient, and quick in terms of responding to any questions I had regarding the case. All in all, his efforts provided me with the best possible resolution that I could get, and I consider myself lucky to this day!
-  A. Forrest

Mr. Susan is a fantastic lawyer. I’ve used him for a couple tickets and my DWI. my dad has also used him for A LOT. He is very professional and will constantly keep you updated.
-  D. Boatright

As a law student about to sit for the bar, a DUI was an incredible lapse in judgment and a threat to my future in the legal field. Mr. Susan was incredibly helpful and informed about the process. He helped me get an excellent outcome, and I could not be more grateful for his incredible service and advice.
- A. Davis

Can't recommend them enough. After being charged with DWI and Operating A Motor Vehicle In A Careless And Imprudent Manner, Bogdan Susan has been great in helping make sure I'm still able to drive as I need to for my family and other needs.
He came highly recommended by multiple people, and I'm extraordinarily glad that I listened. He and Tammy have been super responsive and helpful throughout the entire process, always getting back to me quickly when I have questions.
It's a stressful and scary thing to go through, and he's been great to make sure I understand everything happening along the way. I always end each phone call feeling confident and prepared for the next steps, knowing my case is in good hands!
- K. Arnold

Awesome service. Thanks Mr. Susan. My SIS was just completed from a 2 year probation. Its off my record.
- P. Hays


Bogdan and his wife Amy have two children.  They spend their time attending Mizzou games and driving their children to their sports activities.  Bogdan is on the Board of Directors for the AAU basketball program Michael Porter Jr Elite.  When his is not in a basketball gym, you can find Bogdan losing golf balls on the course while trying to improve his double-digit handicap.  He is active in his Church and served as a member of the school board for Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School.


Bogdan Susan is a member of The Missouri Bar, Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, The Boone County Bar Association, Bernard Edelman DWI Defense Institute, The Missouri DWI Institute LLC.


Bogdan received both his undergraduate and Law Degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  He was President of the Student Bar Association. Bogdan is a member of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.  Boone County Bar Association and the Missouri Bar Association.

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