Securities & Merchandising Fraud

Experience and Resources to Take on Complex Civil Litigation

The local and global marketplace has become an uncertain landscape, and one where fraud, misrepresentation and negligence can lead to significant financial losses and serious personal risk. If you have suffered serious financial loss or damage to assets as a result of securities or merchandising fraud, you have legal recourse and civil litigation options to recoup some or all of those losses.

At the Columbia, Missouri, law office of Holder Susan Slusher, LLC, we offer highly experienced trial lawyers with the resources and proven record to take on complex financial cases. We vigorously pursue your compensation for negligence, malfeasance, fraud and wrongdoing. With clients spanning all income levels and walks of life, we help people protect their investment, retirement and rights.

Taking on Securities and Merchandising Fraud Cases

Your investment, your retirement and the money you spend on substantial services all matter. Even if you aren't in the market for multi-million dollar hedge funds or purchasing multi-unit real estate, you should still expect professional ethical service when your dollars are on the line.

Our attorneys fight for the rights of people throughout Missouri, to make sure that whether they are investing in the market or in an alarm system for your home, that providers, servicers, brokers and retailers live up to their promises.

We take on civil law cases involving:
Securities fraud Breach of fiduciary responsibility
Churning Unlawful merchandising
Merchandising and retail fraud Predatory actions

You rely on your broker, your investment firm and service provider to be knowledgeable, ethical and effective. If you have lost significant money as a result of negligence or illegal activity, we can help you pursue a civil action to seek compensation.

Talk to an Attorney to Know Your Rights

At the law office of Holder Susan Slusher, LLC, our team of legal professionals will sit down with you for a free initial consultation and case review to review your options. To schedule an appointment with a lawyer, contact our office today.

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