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As parents, we strive to do everything that we can to provide a safe, clean environment for our children to grow, learn, and explore in. The health and safety of our children is often the most important aspect of our adult lives and the last thing we want is to see our children in pain. Unfortunately, unexpected accidents involving children happen and everyday throughout our communities. Sometimes, these accidents cause serious injuries to our children and that long-term physical, emotional, and financial consequences that affect the entire family. If your child has been injured in an accident from the reckless or negligent behavior of a third party, you and your child may be entitled to compensation not only for the costly medical care but for your child's ongoing recovery and future losses.

At the law office of Holder Susan Slusher, LLC, we help parents throughout Columbia and Missouri file personal injury claims on behalf of their children. Our law firm has the tools and resources to give your child's personal injury claim the attention that it needs. We also offer compassionate and client-focused representation as we aggressively pursue fair compensation for your child's injuries.

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Protecting Injured Children throughout Missouri

Our children are our future and this makes them our greatest concern. As our children grow up, they are at risk of injury from a variety of accidents.

Some of these unfortunate situations include:
Playground accidents
Swimming pool accidents from diving or drowning
Amusement park accidents
Fireworks accidents and burns
Poisoning from household chemicals
Crib injuries
Booster seat accidents
Traffic accidents, resulting from distracted driving or driving under the influence of alcohol

Child injury cases are handled differently from adult personal injury cases. The attorneys at Holder Susan Slusher, LLC understand these differences and have knowledge of the laws affecting child injury claims. We have the proven experience to fight for a full and fair compensation for your child's losses.

What to Do When Your Child is Hurt at School

We send our children to school expecting their teachers to protect them, but accidents happen, whether these are due to an educator’s directly harmful acts, negligence, or improper supervision. A school-related injury lawyer can help you determine whether your child’s injury constitutes legal compensation.

You may be able to sue a school over a child’s injury if they are directly hurt by an educator’s actions or negligence, improper labeling of wet floors, poor sanitation, or a lack of supervision. Schools may be held liable for playground injuries, including head injuries, ankle fractures, broken bones, lost teeth, and slip-and-fall injuries, to name a few examples.

Consulting with one of our experienced child injury attorneys will help you determine whether your child’s playground accident, classroom injury, or other school-related damages merit legal action.

Can You Sue a Doctor For a Birth Injury?

Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff assume responsibility for their patients. During labor and delivery, a physician's actions or medical negligence could result in birth injuries that lead to emotional distress, financial damage, and suffering for you, your family, and your child.

In some cases, birth injuries can lead to lifelong disabilities and impairments that a child will have to live with. These injuries can drastically increase the cost of caring for and raising a child, especially when the birth injury causes permanent brain damage or paralysis.

We are here to help you pursue justice for your baby. Please contact us immediately if your child was harmed during the birthing process, and we will do everything in our power to hold the responsible parties accountable.

What to Do After a Daycare Injury

Finding out your child was hurt in daycare is devastating. In some cases, your child could be hurt by an unsafe environment or lack of supervision. In others, daycare staff may have deliberately inflicted harm upon your child or put them in harm’s way through negligence and improper care.

Children can suffer a wide range of daycare injuries, including infections, burns, fractures, head trauma, choking, poisoning, and more. You, as a parent, have the right to take legal action against the people who put your child’s safety at risk.

With one of our child injury attorneys, we will build a case to create a comprehensive argument for child’s daycare injury, the ensuing damages, and their right to reparation.

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