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Top Notch Representation

Soon after graduating from professional school at Mizzou, I was stopped and charged with DWI in Columbia. It was terrifying to think about both potential issues with my professional licensing and the long-term impact of a DWI on my professional career. But, fortunately, I made the best decision I could and retained Bogdan Susan and his team. Bogdan personally met with the prosecutor and convinced him to accept a plea to the lesser charge of Careless and Imprudent Driving. Shortly thereafter, any licensing questions were resolved and I was able to move forward in my professional career with no delay. I needed a good result and I needed it quickly. And Bogdan and his team got it done in the most professional way imaginable. I cannot recommend Bogdan Susan and his team enough. They are knowledgeable, professional, and will tirelessly work to assist their clients through the stress of a DWI charge while working to obtain the best result they can. It is simply top notch representation.

- Anonymous

I had a good experience with the HSS office & Bogdan Susan.

I got a DUI this summer. I was pulling out of Taco Bell & pulled too far out of the lane & into the road. I also turned left while I was in the right hand turn lane. I blew a .130 & took a SIS on October 16, 2018. I had a good experience with the HSS office & Bogdan Susan. I was always made aware of what was going on & when court dates were, etc. It was very easy to get in contact with a paralegal when I needed to. Thank you so much for all of your help.

- Anonymous

I would recommend him and his office to anyone, friend or stranger.

I was referred to Bogdan A. Susan by a friend of mine from Columbia, who stated he was the “go-to” defense lawyer in the area. I’m a member of the Missouri National Guard and a DWI on my record could mean an end to any future I thought I had with the Guard. I lived 4 hours away from Columbia and just talking on the phone to Mr. Susan, I felt most assured he was doing everything he could for me and my case, appeared for me multiple times in court so that I did not have to drive the distance each time. Mr. Susan was able to get my refusal of a chemical test dropped and my record completely clear of my DWI. I would recommend him and his office to anyone, friend or stranger.

- Anonymous

The moment I walked in the door of HSS I was put at ease knowing I would have the best possible representation.

Getting a DWI was an extremely humiliating and stressful experience for me. The moment I walked in the door of HSS I was put at ease knowing I would have the best possible representation. The front office staff was friendly and knowledgeable and helped get me to an attorney right away. Even though the attorneys at HSS have handled thousands of DWI’s before mine, I wasn’t treated like just another case. My case was thoroughly analyzed and much time and effort was put in to developing the best strategy to handle my case. I was always kept informed about the status of my case and what I needed to do. Any time I had a question, it was always answered very promptly. My attorney didn’t only handle the legal side of getting a DWI, but also advised how to handle the DWI in both my personal and professional life as well. My attorney was able to keep my case very confidential. In the end, my attorney was able to get me a better outcome than I even thought possible. While I was going through a very stressful time in my life, it was helpful to know I had an attorney with experience who genuinely cared about getting me the best outcome he could.

- Anonymous

My experience with this particular law firm was spectacular

My experience with this particular law firm was spectacular. The office had no problems answering all of the questions I had regarding my case. They kept me very informed about the progress of my case and what they would need from me at every turn. I am overall very pleased with my choice in attorney. My court case was 3 hours away from my home, they were very helpful and kept that in mind too as far as phone meetings and whatnot. If you have a run in with the law, I would definitely recommend these people to anyone I know. Great service and a pleasing ending to a case I thought might hurt my future. Thanks again!

- Anonymous


AMAZING!! My job depended on it!!! In August 2017 I was arrested fora DWI. | had never been in trouble before and didn't know what was going to do. Worst day of my life!! | was embarrassed and ashamed. Since nothing like this had ever happened to me before and also not wanting anyone to know, | had to resort to searching for an attorney on the Internet. Fortunately for me, | came upon Mr. Bogdan Susan. Based on our phone conversation, | could tell right away Mr. Susan had a lot of experience and knowledge with the DWI process. He told me exactly what I should expect to happen and what my chances were in getting the outcome | desired. Due to Mr. Susan's knowledge and experience, he won my administrative hearing and | never lost my license. | also have not been convicted with a DW! or BAC charge. Instead, | have been given the opportunity to prove myself to the court under a SIS in which Mr. Susan still continues to guide me if needed. Mr. Susan has been nothing but understanding, compassionate, and sympathetic to my situation. Mr. Susan and his assistant Jaymee go above and beyond getting the job done the way you want it done. Excellent first attorney experience!!!

- Anonymous

Columbia, MO

First and last firm I call is Holder Susan Slusher

When I need representation or legal advice, the first and last firm I call is Holder Susan Slusher (HSS) in Columbia, Mo. The team is knowledgeable and courteous. They are lawyers who get results.

- E Reed

Columbia, MO

They took care of EVERYTHING

I had medical bills piling up, insurance adjusters calling me, and then my health insurance company was sending me forms to fill out about my crash. I needed help and I am especially thankful that I found HSS! I met with Mike and Melissa and handed off all of my paperwork and they took care of EVERYTHING. I am very happy with my result and highly recommend HSS trial lawyers.

- Robert B.

Sedalia, MO

Foot work provided by Mike Holder is First Class

The communication and foot work provided by Mike Holder is first class. He was determined to surpass my expectations and delivered. I have not one complaint and since closing on our matter has followed up on our well being.

- Dmitri Doughty

Columbia, MO
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