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When a person dies owning property in his/her name, it may be necessary to initiate a decedent's estate administration through the Probate Division of the local Circuit Court, whereby a "Personal Representative" is appointed by the Court to administer the estate.

In any probate administration, it is imperative that the person appointed by the Court as a Personal Representative fully understand his/her duties and obligations and comply with all applicable law and orders of the Court. Without proper legal counsel, the estate's representative can quickly find himself/herself in an unenviable circumstance. Failing to properly perform his/her duties can, and sometimes does, result in unnecessary conflict, damaged relationships, removal, or personal assessment for amounts found to be due the estate.

In other circumstances, if a person becomes incompetent during his/her lifetime and owns property, it may be necessary to initiate a conservatorship proceeding through the Probate Division of the local Circuit Court in order to preserve and manage the person's property. In such cases, the Court will appoint a "Conservator" to take charge of and administer the property of the incompetent person, all under the continuing supervision of the Court. Again, proper legal representation is often imperative in the appointment of a Conservator and the management of a conservatorship estate.

Mark Weaver regularly represents and assists Personal Representatives and Conservators in all aspects of probate administrations, including, but not limited to, the following:

Initiating the probate administration and obtaining the appointment of an estate representative;
Assisting the estate representative in obtaining all necessary court approvals concerning the management and/or sale of estate property;
Preparing and filing all required accountings with the Court; and
Effecting termination of the probate administration.
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