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Dent, Phelps, Crawford, Washington, Iron, Reynolds, Shannon and Texas Counties Missouri have major trucking routes coursing through their roadways. Whether its an accident on Highway 44 or 63, or an accident on a two lane roadway such as 68, 72, or 19, careless and reckless driving by tractor trailer drivers pose a danger to all of our communities. When all or part of the responsibility for your accident falls on the truck driver or the trucking company, you may have a substantial personal injury claim.

Trucking accidents have many possible causes, and investigating and proving the cause of your accident is often critical to prevailing on your claim. Common causes of trucking accidents include: distracted driver, fatigued driver, poor health of driver, impaired driver, negligent hiring by the trucking company, negligent maintenance of the truck, improper loading, or simply driving too fast for the conditions.

Truck drivers and trucking companies have unique laws that they must abide by, but they often bend the rules or cut corners to save money. Mark Weaver knows the importance of prompt investigation of the scene and vehicles, the hiring of necessary experts, and the preservation of crucial evidence, that it often takes in order to prove the fault of the trucker or trucking company.

In pursuing the financial settlement you need to treat and deal with your personal injuries, he investigates all possible sources of applicable insurance coverage. He will also look into additional factors that may enable or increase your claim for punitive damages.

For example, in an accident involving a collision with a tractor trailer, hiring and retention practices by a company can be a big issue. Learning that a trucker has a criminal record or history of drug use, or that the trucking company has not completed medical testing required by the DOT, may enable you to pursue punitive damages and significantly increase your recovery amount.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a commercial truck, semi or 18-wheeler crash, get the counsel, representation and help you need to recover a full and fair settlement. Attorney Mark Weaver is of counsel to Holder Susan Slusher, LLC. See for additional information regarding personal injuries and trucking accidents.


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