Marijuana Cultivation And Possession

Marijuana Cultivation and Possession

Criminal offenses involving marijuana can range from the possession of a small amount of marijuana to more serious crimes of trafficking and cultivation. Penalties can range just as wildly, but regardless of the charge, any criminal conviction involving marijuana is serious and can have significant penalties. These penalties can include a permanent mark on your criminal record, which can limit future opportunities.

At the law firm of Holder Susan Slusher, LLC , in Columbia, our attorneys defend clients charged with marijuana possession, possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana with the intent to sell and related crimes involving marijuana. We will hold prosecutors to their burden of proof, review whether evidence was gathered properly and build a criminal defense in order to reduce or eliminate the penalties you face.

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Generally, there is no jail time imposed for a first offense involving the possession of a small amount of marijuana. There may still be probation, required drug education and other penalties assessed.

The cultivation of marijuana and the use of marijuana grow houses, on the other hand, has much more significant penalties. In cases involving cultivation, we will look to see whether our client actually owned the grow house, if the cultivation was intended for sales or for personal use, and whether the police violated the client's constitutional rights when collecting evidence. Typically, there is jail time for a conviction on a cultivation charge. By contacting a lawyer as soon as possible, you give yourself the best chance for a successful defense.

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