Meth Manufacturing and Possession

As methamphetamines become more popular in Missouri and the number of meth labs across the state continues to rise, law enforcement officials and prosecutors have started to prosecute criminal offenses involving meth more vigorously. The penalties for crimes involving meth manufacturing and possession are significant and often include mandatory jail time.

If you have been arrested on a charge involving methamphetamines, it is important that you speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible about your constitutional rights. At the law firm of Holder Susan Slusher, LLC​, in Columbia, our attorneys have the experience to protect your rights and build an effective defense. We will talk with you about your charges and make sure that you have the information you need to make important decisions during the criminal process.

Criminal Defense for Drug Charges Involving Methamphetamines

Our law firm handles methamphetamine drug cases that include:
Possession of meth for personal use
Possession of meth for sale or distribution
Trafficking and transportation of meth
Manufacture of methamphetamine, including operating a meth lab

A meth manufacturing charge can also result from having large amounts of the chemicals used in making the drug, including over-the-counter cold medication. Meth drug possession charges can also come in conjunction with other criminal offense, such as identity theft. In all cases, we will make sure that any evidence used was properly obtained and that your rights were not infringed upon by the police.

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