Passenger Ejections

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that people who are ejected from their automobile are three times more likely to die than accident victims who stay inside the vehicle. What's more, if the victim survives, automobile ejection accidents oftentimes result in a much higher incidence of catastrophic injuries such as brain injuries, internal injuries and spinal cord injuries.

When a passenger is hurtled from the vehicle, it is likely they will be ejected at a high rate of speed, only then to strike an object outside the car, such as a tree, building, or car, or to make eventual impact with the ground. In addition, if an occupant is slung out of the vehicle onto the ground, they are at risk of being crushed by the rollover vehicle.

Rollovers are the number one cause of passenger ejections. The forces created by a rapidly rolling vehicle simply overwhelm any attempts to remain seated, and drivers and passengers are flung from their vehicles as if from a slingshot. Although seatbelts typically provide great protection from ejectments, a seatbelt can still snap apart or come undone during a rollover. Additionally, if a car door flies open or a car seat becomes dislodged or breaks apart, the passenger may still be at risk of ejection.

In cases involving seatbelt failure or door latch failure, where serious injury or death results from the accident, immediate investigation and evidence preservation is needed in order to hold responsible the company that negligently designed or manufactured the defective product. It is a simple fact that poorly designed vehicles and parts cause the most harmful consequences to motor vehicle occupants. Lawsuits are one way to improve car safety and help prevent future design and manufacturing errors.

Manufacturers should design automobiles that can withstand the impact of a major crash and not jeopardize the safety of its occupants. When it doesn't and an automobile ejection accident occurs, you need attorneys and experts who can analyze the crash and determine its cause.

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