A single vehicle accident occurs when one vehicle or car is involved in an accident. Single car accidents happen as a result of collision avoidance, animal collisions, foreign objects in the road, and rollovers. Although single-vehicle accidents typically involve only the operators and passengers of the involved vehicle, at times pedestrians, bicyclists and other bystanders are injured as well.

Single car accidents are usually caused by the factors that cause or contribute to cause other motor vehicle collisions, i.e. speeding, drink driving, poor road design, vehicle defect, tire blowouts, inattention, improper lane change, and speeding. As may be seen, determining the cause of the accident is critical to obtaining a fair and reasonable recovery from the responsible and negligent parties.

For instance, an unknown motorist traveling in the opposite direction may have suddenly swerved, causing an innocent driver to react quickly by taking immediate evasive action, such as braking or turning the steering wheel forcefully to avoid the other vehicle. The innocent motorist can lose control, drive off of the roadway or hit another object. By the time the innocent motorist comes to a stop, the at-fault motorist has driven away from the scene and avoided immediate detection. In such circumstances, it is important to contact a lawyer in order to pursue all possible avenues of recovery to include a review of any applicable uninsured motorist coverage.

In other cases, car handling issues, caused by vehicle defects, negligent repairs, and negligent maintenance can result in catastrophic accidents and injuries to drivers and passengers. Preservation of the vehicle can be vital to proving the cause of the accident and holding the responsible party responsible. If you believe that your collision occurred due to a vehicle defect, contact us immediately to discuss in detail the facts of your case.

In still other cases, the environment, road conditions, or road design can result in single vehicle accidents. These road conditions and defects in design include poor drainage, soft shoulders, narrow lanes, curve banking (outside edge of the road is lower in height than the middle of the roadway), sharp curves and improper or absent roadway markings/signage.

Animals in the road, unsecured or improperly maintained loads, and other objects and debris cause still more single vehicle accidents. In these circumstances, the innocent driver often has little to no time to react or avoid the accident. Again, in these situations, the innocent injured party should contact an experienced single vehicle accident attorney at the earliest opportunity to investigate the accident and review applicable uninsured motorist coverage.

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