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I was referred to Bogdan Susan by a friend who said he was the best attorney in town. I had just received a 2nd DWI, my first one was over 20 years ago. Because of that I did not think the process would be too involved, but I wanted to make sure I was using someone who was experienced and I was told by several people that Mr. Susan was the best. My case was unusual in that I had the previous DWI so long ago, and that I have a career that would be effected by some of the unintended consequences of a conviction. The greatest benefit of using someone with such experience is that he offered me options. He thought “out of the box” to work with my unique situation so that I would not suffer the stigma of a DWI conviction within my profession. He was very patient in working with the questions I had and making sure that I was well informed and comfortable with the process and direction we were going. I felt confident that he was doing everything he could in my best interest. Also, his staff was well informed, knowledgeable and responsive so I could get any concerns addressed quickly. There are quite a few attorneys out there, but it is well worth your time to find the right one, one with the experience to educate you on the process and explore all the options.

– Anonymous

Columbia, MO

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