What is a Wrongful Death?

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If you are wondering if you have a case that qualifies as wrongful death, we encourage you to call our experienced attorneys for a complimentary consultation. Speaking with a lawyer accustomed to these claims is really the only way to know what your options are for pursuing justice.

Missouri has unique laws surrounding wrongful death. In general, you may have a claim if:

  • Your spouse, parent or child has passed away
  • The death was a direct result of someone else’s negligence

Another way to think of a wrongful death claim is that if the deceased had not lost their life, would they have been able to file a personal injury claim based on the accident or incident? If so, then a wrongful death claim is as though the surviving family members are filing that claim instead.

In Missouri, the most eligible parties to file a wrongful death claim are the deceased’s:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • Parents

If these family members do not exist, a sibling may bring a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party. Next in line is the representative of the deceased’s estate.

Some families wonder about the purpose of filing a wrongful death claim. After all, no amount of money will undo the grief and loss that a loved one’s death brings with it. Our attorneys have worked with many families in these circumstances, and we know how difficult it is to be in your situation. We hope you will discuss the matter with us so we can help you decide if a wrongful death case is right for your family. We seek compensation damages for all of the ways you have been affected, such as:

  • Burial and funeral expenses
  • Related medical bills
  • Loss of your loved one’s income, retirement and employment benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship, consortium, comfort, instruction and guidance

Let us help you pursue justice and the compensation you need in order to deal with the real financial impact and emotional impact of your loved one’s death.

If you live in Columbia, MO, or any of the surrounding areas and want to find out if you have a wrongful death claim, please contact the law firm of Holder Susan Slusher LLC at 573-499-1700.

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