Common Defenses for Assault Charges

A man covering his face with his arms. Defenses for assault charges can vary from state to state depending on the specifics of the case. While self-defense is a common way to fight against criminal assault charges, there are other defenses that can be used to dispute them. Some of the most common defenses include the following:

  • Self-Defense. To establish that you acted in self-defense, you must show that there was a threat of unlawful harm against you. In addition, you must be able to show that you did not physically provoke the attack and that there was no reasonable way for you to escape the confrontation. Finally, the force you use in self-defense should be reasonable given the threat posed by the other party.
  • Defense of Others. If you acted to defend others from harm during the confrontation, you must be able to show that you had a reasonable fear for the safety of those you defended.
  • Defense of Property. Depending on where the confrontation occurred, you may be able argue that you acted in defense of your property. However, this only works in cases where your property was illegally invaded or withheld.
  • Duress. In some situations, the defendant may perform in illegal conduct only because they are forced to. This is a common argument in cases where the defendant is physically threatened by another party to perform the illegal action.
  • Consent. There are many areas where a physical assault can be considered consensual, namely high contact sports like football, boxing, and wrestling. If both parties consented to this type of physical contact, you could make a consent defense.

Regardless of what type of defense is right for your situation, you need a fierce advocate with favorable results in similar cases. At Holder Susan Slusher, LLC, our experienced criminal defense attorneys have the resources to help you.

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