Fractures And Broken Bones

Fractures and Broken Bones

Fractures and broken bones can result from a variety of accidents, including car, truck and automobile accidents, construction accidents and other accidents caused as the result of another's negligence. Broken bones can result in chronic pain and related injuries, such as torn ligaments, which can require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Whether you have suffered a fracture to the arm, leg, wrist, hand, foot, rib, collar bone or another bone of the body, it is important for you to know your rights and to pursue the compensation necessary to pay for medical bills and other expenses. At the law firm of Holder Susan Slusher, LLC , in Columbia, our attorneys provide experienced personal injury representation and work to ensure that our clients receive the compensation necessary for the recovery process.

Experienced Injury Representation in Missouri

The attorneys of Holder Susan Slusher, LLC handle a wide range of civil rights claims including:
Simple fractures, where a bone is broken in one place, but the skin is not damaged
Compound fractures, where the skin is broken by the bone
Transverse fracture, where the bone is broken at a right angle to the length of the bone
Comminuted fracture, where the broken bone results in three or more bone fragments
Greenstick fracture, where one side of the bone is broken, causing a bend in the bone

Broken bones can take a great deal of time to heal, depending on the severity of the break. Some fractures require surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation to allow the bones to heal completely. In addition to the expenses that come with this type of medical treatment, the lost wages caused by broken bone injuries can make it impossible for families to keep up without appropriate compensation.

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